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Se7en's Birthday Project
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Helpers Needed!

I need some helpers with this project. I have never done anything like this
before, so if you have, PLEASE come forward and help me.

Hi, I'm Justina (a.k.a sweetVisions) from the soompi boards. This forum
is designed so that everyone can contribute to discussing the birthday
project this year.

As you may or may not know, Se7en's birthday is on November 9 and his
is working hard on making a successful debut in the United States.
This project can become a happy birthday/good luck project for him.

Well, I'm just kinda rambling right now and just want to get this
birthday project underway!

Nothing too strict, but should be common knowledge.

1. BE NICE! Of course disagreements may arise over the project, but
please handle them in a civil way. I'm sure this won't be a problem though.

2. Keep on topic. Remember, this community was created to discuss
the birthday project.

3. Have fun and let the creative juices flow!

- Justina